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A Bakersfield Disability Lawyer Explains the Duration Requirement

If your impairment is not expected to result in death, it must have persisted or will remain active for at least 12 months in order for you to receive Social Security benefits. If you are uncertain about whether you meet … Continue reading

Bakersfield Social Security Disability Attorneys Explain SSD Requirements

Your Bakersfield Social Security disability attorneys can explain to you the five stages through which the Social Security Administration determines your qualifications for disability. Once the finding is made, the process stops. The five stages are called sequential because if, at any … Continue reading

Social Security Hearings FAQ

How long does it take the Social Security Administration to hold a hearing, issue a decision, and pay benefits? Your Bakersfield Social Security disability lawyer will tell you that there is much variation on the amount of time that elapses … Continue reading

Disability Hearing Advice to Follow

Social Security disability claimants who are initially denied and appeal will eventually be scheduled a hearing before an administrative law judge. This is what you want, for as your Bakersfield disability attorney will tell you, your best chance of having … Continue reading

Appealing After You Have Been Denied Disability

The process for appealing is set forth in your denial letter. As a Bakersfield disability lawyer will advise you, the first step in the process is a request for “reconsideration.” If the reconsideration is denied, you have 60 days to … Continue reading

Requirement 1: Understanding Substantial Gainful Activity

Your Bakersfield Social Security disability lawyer will advise you that in order to be qualified as substantial gainful activity (SGA), the work must consist of performing substantial mental or physical activities.  Work might not be considered substantial if: You cannot … Continue reading

The Social Security Administration Disability Evaluation

The Social Security Administration has two different disability programs—Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income. Your Bakersfield disability attorney will advise you that there is a five-step evaluation process used by the SSA to determine disability for either of these … Continue reading

Are objective medical findings important?

A Fresno disability attorney will advise you that objective findings are extremely important because, in effect, they determine the extent of possibilities.  However, it is generally true that for an individual who has an impairment that does not equal or … Continue reading

Are opinions regarding ability to do sustained work subjective?

Are opinions regarding ability to do sustained work subjective?  Yes.  The Social Security Admoninistrati (SSA) realizes that disability claimants are limited by symptoms that are subjective and difficult to quantify. Your Fresno disability lawyer understands how these subjective determinations are … Continue reading

Disability Attorney in Bakersfield Explains Your Testimony

A Social Security disability hearing is very different from a regular court hearing. The proceeding is more informal, and the way you will need to present your evidence to convince the administrative law judge (ALJ) that you qualify for Social … Continue reading